Why do young people need therapy?

Children and young people have many stresses in their lives. They are sent to school very early in their lives and some find the separation from parents and home easier than others. Some have had difficult things to deal with in their families and early life. 

Children develop and move forward at different rates, which can cause issues at school. Some are more able to cope with the rough and tumble of school, whilst others become anxious. Friendship issues can be difficult to negotiate especially in primary school. 

Children may be coping with family issues which they can’t talk about at school, and this can make them feel isolated and sometimes angry. Children who get into trouble at school usually have a very good reason for their behaviour and need to be listened to.  Later on, exam pressure from teachers (and parents) can make young people feel despair and anxiety about achieving their goals. The ones without goals can also worry about what direction to go in. There may be expectations from school or parents that they don’t feel they can or want to live up to. 

Young people also have to deal with social media, including ‘sexting’ and online bullying.  

Counselling gives you the space to think about what is bothering you. It can help you to make changes in your life and to make sense of things.  The aim is to make you feel happier and stronger and with better relationships.